Saturday, 12 November 2011


Everybody in this world is looking for a reliable source of investment for their better and secured future. This increased demand in different source of investments has made real estate one of the easiest ways of doing so.

Property transactions involves a huge list of steps, starting from selecting the area in which we would like to have our property, till the visits we have to do in court for transferring a property on our name.The legal policies and procedures involved in property transfer contain a huge list of things which should be taken into consideration, while going through such transactions.Such legal process of transferring a property ownership from seller to buyer is known as conveyance.

With the increase in sale and purchase of property the rules and regulation related to the transactions has became more and more difficult to follow for a common man.Keeping such problems in mind people have come up with the brand new concept of conveyance agency, where in people are saved from facing the problem while following conveyance process.These agencies help you in all sort of legal advice and counsel while shopping for property.Property transfer process can be a difficult without a skilled conveyancer, that’s the reason they are always considered an essential part of buying and selling a property. Real estate experts always suggest taking help of a recognized conveyance agency as they know conveyancing law better than us.

There are various services offered by conveyance agency like advices to the first time buyers related to all kind of property transactions, be it a residential property or commercial.The work area of such agencies starts from helping in property search and finance till the legal documentation.Agents make sure there is no legal issues related to the property you are interested in, via checking the previous records of property from government offices.The process involved in conveyancing search can be up to 3 to 4 week, but time limit can change depending upon your conveyance or the second party activeness.

Buying a new property and shifting, is big task to achieve, and if we can get certain help in this complicated task ‘why not take it’.Finding a perfectly suitable conveyance agent can be a bit irritating and tuff at the starting, but one can take help from internet or from the people who have already being through the process of sale and purchase. All in the end ‘if we can sit back and enjoy the experience of buying a new property, by just haring a nice suitable conveyance agent. Then why not enjoy it, rather being tensed’.

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Saturday, 29 October 2011

Gurgaon Commercial Property

Some says Gurgaon is facing some financial problem and some says it’s on its peak, be it anything one thing is for sure it’s the best time to invest in the properties of Gurgaon and NCR because the property demand which went down due to the recession is gaining back its pace, and those who have invested in the property are called intelligent investor by the experts.

People are not only looking toward Gurgaon and NCR for investment purpose but also because they can find some of the best residential apartment in Gurgaon from best of builders and Construction Company.Better infrastructure facilities, growing commercialization and industrialization are few of the reasons for people moving here other than just the investment purpose.

Not only buyer are trying to know more about their builders but, builder and dealer are also taking an initiative to reach to their end user through different ways of advertisement and public assemblies’ to promote their projects of properties in Delhi NCR. Property business is not that easy in today’s competitive world that it uses to be, the list of new projects and the projects already in process is bigger than investors and buyers list.Builders are opting for the latest methods of advertisement like internet, radio, holdings and much more.

For making profit in commercial properties and Residential Apartments in Gurgaon one need to have the proper information of property market in the city.And these websites not only work for builders and property dealers, but also provide complete information about the property in which the client is interested in.they have various services including call center facility, through which customer can take help.It’s always advised to consult the real estate dealer and brokers before making any investment, as they know the best about the area which will help you make better profits.

Some of the most important plus points which you can find on your list of ‘things needed’ in property search are open environment and good connectivity with adjoining cities.Builders have taken into consideration the need of open space in a colony for the better growth of kids.Flats and apartment are not fully furnished but spacious also.All in all investing in property is a good deal to have, but with the experts’ advice only, this will not only help you in gaining best of result but also provides the latest information about the property in Gurgaon.

Friday, 28 October 2011

Best Residential Apartments in Gurgaon

“Everybody in this world wants best out of their lives be it in anything” and When it’s come to where we would live we become more choosy.We want best of facilities in everything be it security, basic needs (water and electricity) or the luxury provided in the flats or the apartments.

DELHI, NCR have become the most favorite destination for property buyer and investors in last decade, everybody wants to be a part of the millennium city Gurgaon as it’s one of the fastest growing cites.NCR not only providing the new improved infrastructure but also great connectivity to the other connected cities.Gurgaon has became home of some of the best top MNC’s because of the facilities it provides and its promising outsourcing connectivity.

The growth in city has not been a one day magic, it has been slow in starting but constant.From the increase in number of new projects that too from best of Construction Company and builders (DLF, ansal etc) one can make out the success rate this city is holding. One can find some of the best residential apartment in Gurgaon with all sorts of facilities according to your budget.Starting from the fully furnished apartment in Gurgaon to studio flats, you can find everything you want your home to be. Even if you are thinking to invest on property in Gurgaon can be a best choice as the prices are on constant rise.

There are many way which can help you in your property search, and the most common these days is internet.There are many websites providing these services to help you find your home, some of these websites are even providing their services free of cost, to help the individual finding their dream home.By opting for this method you can check on different properties while sitting in your blanket with a mug of coffee in your hands.

Best next way is to find a nice and well experienced real estate agent or broker to help in your search.This method is also equivalently effective as good property dealer know how to deal with different mindset people; it’s a famous saying for real estate agents that “they know where to start and where to stop and where to crack a deal”.Internet can also help you in finding an appropriate real estate agent dealing in your interest area.The site which contains the details of property also keeps the details of the dealer dealing in the particular property.

All in all we can say that investing in properties in Gurgaon now is a better idea that ever, this will surely give you a chance to grow.For more details on - Residential Apartments in Gurgaon, furnished apartments in Gurgaon, service apartments in Gurgaon, you can check cosmosterrarealoters for faster results than ever.

Saturday, 30 July 2011


Buying property as an investment has always been part of culture in India. And with the city which has earned a distinct reputation as the land of opportunities it will always be good investment plan for anyone at anytime. Working with the best names in construction business like (DLF, Unitech, Ansal, JMD) real estate in Gurgaon has always been growing and on swing that makes it a good idea to invest.Property rates in the area have soared upto 30%to 40 % in last 4 to 5 years.

City is not only providing the promising looks with modern and new generation sky scrapers, but also some of  the best residential facilities such as 24x7 security, water supply, and power back up. These residential complexes are preferred by IT and MNC professionals looking for comfortable life style with add on facilities like gym, pool, convenience store, park and the like The public opinion says that it is a good time to invest in Gurgaon real estate because of the following reasons:

1. People are getting huge choices in terms of villa, penthouses, as well as low and high rise apartment buildings, and all this within the boundary of a secured society.

2. The poor connectivity of the city with the adjoining areas is no more a problem with the metro efficient transport system. According to the 2021 master plan developed by HUDA, metro is going further to Sohna Road which will further increase the property price in the city.

3. Gurgaon has a number of IT and MNC professionals with high paying capacity. Due to which residential and commercial properties in Gurgaon fetch high rent.

4. The city is close to both international and national airport, the fact which enhances its chances of exposure to the world.

5. Home Insurance companies like National Insurance, Oriental Insurance, Max New York Life Insurance and Bajaj Allianz General Insurance made it much easier for the buyer to go for his dream residential destination in Gurgaon without much of hesitation.

A large number of real estate developers and investors are focusing on constructing modern yet stylish residential as well as commercial property in Gurgaon to cater the need .As per the various industry analysts rates of properties in Gurgaon will raise in the future and it is the right time to invest in real estate. But one must do sound research before investing in Gurgaon properties with the help of professional property dealer. Gurgaon can rightly said to be the symbol of India’s socio economic growth and the city is source of motivation for other areas.

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Property Prices in Gurgaon

Since last 30 years, the real estate Gurgaon has been on a sky scraping limit.Property in Gurgaon was enjoying its monopoly as an industry with huge inventory increasing demand and subsequently increasing prices.But this monopoly has now been shattered to fragments as statistics reports huge decline in the sale of commercial property in gurgaon. The tycoons of real estate Gurgaon, DLF, Unitech, Emaar MGF, who were on a sky scrapping limit once upon a time, are now complaining sales decline and inventory pile on.

DLF, the top most player in real estate Gurgaon, has reported 20% decline in the sale of residential property in the 4th quarter this financial year where else, Unitech, the second largest player in real estate Gurgaon, has reported a decline of 45%. These sluggish sales reports are startling facts to know about and to have actually occurred.

These sluggish sales reports and inventory pile ups in the last quarter has shattered the dreams of new entrants into real estate Gurgaon. Reports say that around 12% new residential property in Gurgaon remained unsold and the reasons pointed out to the steeply increasing prices of property in Gurgaon. The skyscraping prices of property in Gurgaon attributes to unwanted slowdown in this industry.

Mr. Amit Kapoor, Professor Management development Institute said that the prices of real estate Gurgaon has increased 1000 times in the last 30 years and “what’s the rationale behind it?” We agree to it that a 1000 times increase in prices in a particular industry commands some rationale. He also suggested that the Government should come forward and release some more land in order to combat the demand. Once the supply increases the demand would be met to some extent with surplus supply and this would enable the prices to fly at a normal pitch.

Even the public sector banks have stopped releasing loans to the real estate industry and the reasons are said to be heavy debts on the books of accounts of the owners of property in Gurgaon. Ramesh Subramanium, president, Sri City Developers commented that their exists lack of transparency or may be not enough real estate Gurgaon are listed and this could be a reason behind the private banks denying loans to the real estate Gurgaon.

We would suggest a complete revamp of the pricing strategy of the real estate Gurgaon which would enable private equity and bank funding as well to the owners of property in Gurgaon. Real Estate Gurgaon has become the most risky industry to invest in and the property owners are advised to either bring down property prices or to introduce cheaper and affordable projects into the market.

Saturday, 2 July 2011

Commercial Real Estate - Key Tips for Prospecting Listings

Prospecting is the initial stage of every business and commercial real estate prospecting is a crucial part of real estate business. It involves a lot of cold calling. Maximum number of times, the sales executives and the callers tend to lose hope and give up too soon. They either do not make it a habit or tend to make calls randomly, which do not yield expected results. It often takes few hours or days or may even take weeks, but to halt is not a solution. It should be an ongoing process.

Although Property in Delhi NCR and Gurgaon has huge demand, Commercial property in Gurgaon is not an easy product to sell. Prospecting listings for property in Gurgaon is a very sensitive business and has to be handled very cautiously.

People tend to forfeit at the calling stage and this contributes as one of the reasons to unsuccessful prospecting of listing of commercial property in Gurgaon.

Few of the reasons that contribute to executives avoiding or abandoning the prospecting process are as follows:

1. They are not trained properly.

2. They do not use systematic process to track the right kind of clients.

3. They themselves do not have sufficient idea about the Property in Gurgaon and commercial property in Delhi NCR.

4. They do not drive the streets and check out the Commercial Property in Gurgaon and Delhi NCR.

5.They struggle with rejection during calls.

6.They do not make ample number of calls per day.

7. They do not rehearse the calling or meeting process for the commercial property.

8.They are not motivated timely to boost their confidence and forget the rejection.

9. They often lack a proper database where calls can be tracked and follow ups can be made diligently.

Random prospecting leads to random calls and it leads to random results. The key step to prospecting listings is to diligently follow a series of systematic array of guidelines, develop and use a strong database and make get habituated to diligent follow ups.

Commercial property in Gurgaon has recently picked up as a business and selling property in Delhi NCR or property in Gurgaon is not a cake walk. As the foundation has to be strong enough to support any building; similarly cold calling has to be effective enough generate appointment and make follow ups and to reach out to maturity of deals.

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Gurgaon - Fast Emerging a Realty Hub

Gurgaon has rapidly developed as an important financial and realty hub and the emergence of such centers has always helped in de-congesting the financial market. This was stated by C. Rangarajan, noted economist and financial advisor, to the PM. Academicians and economists spoke on the future of Indian financial market and commented on the rapid development of Gurgaon as a real estate hub, at FINCON, 2011, on Saturday. Dr Chinmoy Ghosh, HOD, Department of Finance, University of Calicut Business School, remarked that people have started looking at real estate solely as an investment.

He also added that the cost of an average 3-4 BHK flats in Gurgaon is around Rs. 1 crore or even more, whereas, the average salary of an executive in merely around Rs. 1-4 lakh. This fact has pushed a part of the population towards the outskirts of Gurgaon, the areas which lacks in basic infrastructure.

Flats for sale in Gurgaon are becoming expensive day by day and knows no bounds to stop. Prices of Property in Delhi NCR are touching sky and inspite of being the basic need of every individual, investing in property is becoming only a dream to be fulfilled someday.